Saturday, 28 February 2015

NeuralCode -The Rules!

1) You are allowed to be a beginner.

We all start somewhere and not knowing this stuff doesn't make you any worse than someone who does, it just means you haven't learnt it yet. Beginners are actually a valuable resource because we need people to teach. Your understanding of information like programming improves greatly when you explain it to someone else.

2) We have a policy of politeness and inclusiveness.

Just be your wonderful generous self and this one will be easy to follow.

3) Your problem is our problem

it is so much more fun to work on a real problem. Finding the programmatic solution to a real problem feels fantastic! We also learn about other fields of research. The caveat on this one is that we aren't here to do your work for you. We like doing the fun stuff like solving a tricky problem, you still get to do the dull repetitive stuff.

4) You must code

Unfortunately you can't learn coding by joining a facebook group or liking a post or saving a pdf to 'read later'. Reading articles on coding might teach you a lot about coding but it won't teach you to code. Coding is very much like learning a musical instrument. You must put fingers on keys and type code. Our sessions are live coding sessions - bring a laptop and be prepared to type code.